Changing Mindset

While everyone glued themselves to the opening game of EUFA EURO 2016 in Paris on 10th June, I was glad that I found something more useful to watch: the eulogies for Muhammad Ali who died on 3rd June 2016 after suffering from Parkinson since diagnosed with it inĀ 1984.

I only know the guy as a Boxing legend and doctors said that boxing related brain injuries caused him to haveĀ Parkinson. I remember being sad for him but he didn’t let it stop him at all. In fact he didn’t stop at just being a boxer. He was an activist and when he retired, he devoted his life to religious and charitable work.

Bill Clinton’s eulogy was the most memorable. He said Muhammad Ali didn’t let restrictions hold him back.

Muhammad decided at a very young age how he wants his life to be. He will not let his race, not his face to strip him the right to run his OWN story.

He knew who he was, what his believes are and will deal with the consequences that came along with what he believed in. That meant losing 4 years of his prime – peak performance years as a young athlete just because he stood by his belief of not supporting the Vietnam War – smart guy! You’d wonder what rules are made in this society and how a fellow person can be a fair judge of another person’s belief/actions.

Muhammad believed that consequences are no coincidences and he decided at a young age how he wanted his life to be and will face the consequences because of his decision.

Muhammad had not let impossible become an option. He fought to build bridges between people/country/religion (not walls); he look for love and commonalities, not differences in people. He studied what makes people tick and definitely do not submit himself to be a victim. Don’t resign yourself to Fate is what the Chinese will say.

We all have a gift of the heart and the mind. How you choose to release to the world is entirely how you wish to participate in this world. Muhammad Ali released his in a big way. He refused to be imprisoned by Parkinson which limited his movement but continued to take the steps, no matter how small, to give to everyone.

This world needs a champion(s). Are you going to be one today?



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