Pray Until Something Happens.

This is what my BFF said to me when I told her that despite a great day playing Congos/Congas, somehow life felt kinda of empty. It’s great to have a BFF who understands you well, who never stop believing in you but most of all, providing me the push in life.

The reason is mainly, I miss having someone to enjoy the better things in life; I also miss having intellectual and meaningful chats with someone. I enjoy throwing off ideas and discussing solutions. Unfortunately after almost a decade here, I have not found anyone to take up this post. Bill was good for that but after he left, no one filled that gap. I need friends whom I can relate to and vice-versa.

My visit back home last month was great because my second-longest friend Fiona was back there too. We haven’t met for so many years now – she living in another country as well. Despite the modern technology, email/writing/chatting are restrictive in many ways. But the minute our eyes met, there was no time for small talk of “how are you doing?” which you do with friends you are not that close to so that you can bring out a subject to talk about. With true friends, you just rattle on about what you are facing in your life right away.

Fiona and I are somehow at a “cross road” in our lives (funny it happened before). We spent hours together over coffee – yeah, it is , we didn’t need to be defensive but we can openly shared our ideas with each other. This is what I miss most. But at the same time I felt sad. Sad that after this visit, we don’t know when we will meet again.

Like that song

Once I was seven years old

Once I was seven years old my mama told me,
Go make yourself some friends or you’ll be lonely.

It is so important to have someone you can count on.



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