If you love me

There is a discussion on Al Jazeera tonight that says we should be asking “How crazy are you?” on your first date rather than checking how perfect he/she is. Self righteousness is the enemy of a relationship.

Have we made the mistake of saying “If only I met someone perfect, I would be better.”

We shouldn’t take it personally if someone says that he is interested in other people too because it is human nature to be interested in more than one person. That is being honest. This is the same as what Fiona said, that we should think that everyone has no morals and they will cheat with other people if they can. That way when it happens, you won’t get hurt.

There is actually a woman blogger who calls herself a relationship blogger but she raised a good point, that we should just enjoy each other company and let it flow than to ask questions.

Some people cannot handle situations so they avoid the relationship but some are anxious and will try to control it.

For a healthy relationship to continue, you need to accept that we are all crazy and we are different. And we should just accept that this is the fact.


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