Mind your pretzel

I live in a country (I say country but it should really mean region) where people do not talk about the weather but the pretzel: today’s pretzel is good, it is too chewy, it is too hard, it is not fresh, get some weisswurst to go with it etc. The texture (and taste) differs also if they are from one bakery. We’ve come to wonder if it depended on the weather: dry day is better? Cold day is worst?? The mystery carries on.

I have of coursedeveloped that ability to discern between “good” and “bad”, and also yearn for one on some days.

We get to have them for breakfast once a week in the office. Normally I can’t stop at one.

My friend said that we can change our mindset to wean ourselves off (food) we desire. She no longer crave for chocolates and cakes and it is not strong will but changing mindset.

I can’t say that I managed to change my mindset on pretzels but I didn’t have one today. I had let it sit there trying to speak to me but I walked away from it.

Is this it?!



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