Didn’t go as planned

Woke up with a zillion “to do” in the head but sitting down for coffee, I didn’t like the look of that corner.

Going to Ikea yesterday was a bad idea, as always, because I ended up buying things I don’t need like a lamp. Why would I need any lamp when I have godzillian of them put away in storage?! Alright, I can always return it so I lugged a junk home, hang it up pretty quickly. Pretty ok with it until dinner at a Greek restaurant – such good food! – and a very interesting lamp. Hm.

Right, back to where I was. I decided to take that Ikea lamp down and hang the “moroccan” lamp which I bought in Dubai some years ago. I prefer the “squarish” one which could be stand on a surface. I still remember wondering if I could hang them up and James’ words are still very clear in my head as he said he has the same lamp and had to get an electrician to hang it up for him.

That was a challenge for me out right! All these years I had been thinking about hanging it up. I guess today was it. I didn’t plan it. It chose me.

I’m not an electrician but the years of living on my own taught me well. It is not exactly easy nor was it too difficult. I had to adjust a few times, try this option, try that and finally it is hanging up! I only wish the bottom is removable but I’m happy I have now a coloured “spot” in my black-and-white side. I didn’t exactly plan that too. Needless to say I don’t have energy left to do other things now after this. But hey, I am happy. I have finally accomplished something I wanted to do for years and I didn’t have to call an electrician like James did (see, I can do it!) So what if my day didn’t go according to “plan”. The most important is I’m happy! although I’m kinda puzzled. It seems like guys don’t like that I can do DIYs. Oh well! You can’t please everyone.



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