Naturally you relationship

Had to post this instagram today. It is such a funny “phenomenon” in Asia, that if you want to be someone’s boyfriend/husband, you have to be patient enough to go shopping with your girlfriend/wife/mother even though it is you who needed to shop for something.

That moment when u see a whole row of guys waiting outside a shop…

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Here, the men don’t realise how lucky they are! In fact while chatting with M, he said that he doesn’t want the dating game, the things a man has to do to be in a relationship, the fuss, the “right” attention etc. He just want to cuddle (and sex! of course). So he wants just the meat inside the pie.

He also just returned from 5 weeks visiting his parents. They went caravan-ing/camping. He lamented that his parents were either watching TV or playing with their electronic gadgets when they sat around for dinner together. He asked where the ol’ days of “no distractions” at dinner times. The thing is, when we moved away from our parents – I even said “we chose to leave our parents” – they have also moved on with theirs. Perhaps watching TV and playing with their phones is their way of life now. They are spending 24 x 7 with you “out of the sudden” and you expect them to drop everything they are used to to read your mind and do the things YOU want.

It is “naturally you” but it is not “naturally them”. Have we all become a selfish generation?

A guy pinged me and wrote “Why is an attractive girl like you single”? I would like to answer that question with this “mentality”.



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