Nice name. I wonder who thought of it.

We were told that the EU was to stop the countries from going to war together again. What happened?! Why did UK want to get out of this promise and agreement? Is that Boris guy secretly planning to go to war with its neighbouring countries and as a result create jobs: that’s what he said – jobs. And he has enough of bus drivers who don’t speak English. Perhaps he should ask which British person want to be a bus driver. He should also think, if there are no bus drivers, how are people getting places? Walk? Not go to work? He’s feeding them?
Before the EU formation, UK has always been a popular country for migrants. It’s such an easy way out to blame the EU and fear more immigrants will go to UK. Brexit or not, people will still go! especially when you offer free health care even to visitors. I was shocked when I heard that you can go and give birth in UK and claim citizenship or right to live in UK. Too easy! They should tighten their benefit to e.g. those who have paid into the welfare system etc.

When more and more Brits live off welfare, I bet the government will then plea for more people to go to UK so that someone will pay into their welfare system! Of course no one will say it now.

Instead of just choosing to leave the EU, I think they should have a strong politician who will fight and be louder in the EU committee if they think they are so disadvantaged.

Well, they say when there’s a left, there’s a right. When there’s a yes camp, there will be a no camp.

Whatever the result is, I’ll see UK/Brits in a different light. Many are telling me they only care for themselves. Just like years ago when they “conquered” the world and made colonies. When a war is too tough for them to handle, they flee. It’s like the man in the relationship who only want sex but doesn’t want the “drama” – everything is a drama.



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