British Humour

I had hoped for a different result. Now that the voting is done, I guess we have to find a way around and live with it, however, I am feeling very uneasy about this whole “new game”. What will happen next?!

A friend blogged that this is a normal reaction to change. He said if we do not change then we’ll still be wearing diapers and being fed by our mothers. What an analogy. So, change is good, huh? Well, I guess change is good if it indeed has an outcome you want. Shouldn’t you keep the way things are if it is functioning well and properly? Shouldn’t you NOT change if change will make you worse off? OK, for Brexit, I cannot say that it will make it worse off. Yet. All I know is, the EU was formed as a promise that the countries will not go to war against each other again. And I reiterate this point. With UK leaving EU, will EU become Eastern (bloc) Union then? Will we become closer to Russia? Is that a better thing to have?

Who can give me an answer?



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