Paycheck. 13 years later

Just watched the Ben Affleck movie “Paycheck”.
If you can erase (some) your memories, would you do it? What will you erase? What will you keep? If you erased the bad ones, will having only good ones take you to who you are/going to be?

Are memories experiences? Are experiences what make you? If you have no more memories, what would you be?

I wonder if dement people “think”? If they forget some things, would they think about what they forgot?

Do we have an eternal memory hidden somewhere in us actually?

Today my boss asked if I kept a certain file for him. I remember work only for the duration of that task. I am the worse “memoriser”! I did remember vaguely that I had that file somewhere so there we were, 2 adults searching for a file and true enough it was there. It was, however, another colleague who remembered such a file and got us looking for it.

Memory. Is it good or is it bad?



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