Where do the children sleep?

The TV interviewed a photographer who compile a series of (Syrian) children sleeping on the street, on the ground, wherever they can lay their head on from their journey out of danger and war.

A girl “coped” with these memories by drawings of what she saw along the way; that when she was on a boat crossing to Italy, a woman gave birth onboard. A still birth. 2 men just threw the baby aboard. And the girl said she has never seen anything like this. She was only 6 or 9, I can’t remember.
Many of us have never experienced such a thing in our life.

Why are there so much hate in this world?

Why do people/groups think they have to kill, whether in the name of religion or not. Even Muslims killing Muslims, even during ramadan. Why? Why are there so much anger? Can love be instilled and reverse all these?



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