Screw you!

Do you know that the origin of “screw you!” was used in the prison where the prisoners are shackled or chained and to un-chain, you need the screw so in a way screw = stuck?! Admittedly I only looked this word up because of this TED video by Mel Robbins. I believe Prudes won’t even check out the video because of the title. I love it!

I have also fallen in love with Mel Robbins. Her talk specifically. If you want to start living, you have to stop staying stuck in the situation you do not want to be in. Simple but not easy.

While chasing after rabbits, don’t forget yourself.


For Posterity


6 thoughts on “Screw you!

  1. Great for me! EFL (English as Foreign Language) life long learner!! I love to know where words come from 🙂 When I was at the University, I had a great time studying Philology of Italian and English.

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