Truck and Me

When you live in a place where everything works, where (law and) order are highly respected, do you carry yourself in an auto-pilot mode or would you still look around before you cross the road?

A few years ago while I was on my bicycle to work, the lights had turned green which is a signal for me to proceed to cross the street, right? I was on a designated bicycle lane too. As I pedaled off, something made me turn and look behind. A driver wasn’t paying attention and had turned right. Luckily I was able to brake in time to avoid a collision. I re-told this incident to my friends and a radical one said it’s my fault, I should look. How many people look behind when it is green for them to cross? I couldn’t get it out of my head that she put the fault on me. At the same time I never fail to look whenever I am going to pass a garage-exit, a small road, a green light i.e. even though I have the right of way so to speak.

This morning, something similar happened again.

I was on the bicycle path. A dumptruck made me look like this picture:

or this

The truck was coming out of a construction site. The driver had looked to his right. Luckily I stopped (on his left) to see if he was going to look at me. Technically if I have the right of way, I didn’t have to do this but hey, I was the David, right?!

He didn’t look to his left (at me) and I remember feeling disappointed. Why did I feel disappointed? I don’t know. I just stood there and rang the bell. He realised too late because when I did, he was already moving off. I could have been crushed like a cockroach if I hadn’t taken care to stop for him to notice me.

Such is life huh?! You can never get enough attention.




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