Do what you like

I was OK until I saw the toilet roll hat on TV and nearly spilled the soup I was having. Who would have even thought of such an absurd idea?!

Chindougu 珍道具ちんどうぐ is made up of two words. Chin ちん means “curious” or “strange.” Dougu 道具どうぐ means “tool” or “device.”

Dr. Kenji Kawakami is the father of such “unuseless” inventions.  “He believed it was a new art form and everyone should be allowed to participate.”

One of his inventions I was amused with was the bodysuit mop for babies who are learning to crawl. That is exactly what my mother always said whenever she sees one of my cousins’ babies crawling that they (the babies) should use their time more efficiently. She would have been pleased if the suit was available when we were babies. Too bad for her.

Last night I met at least 3 other women my age who are successful, intelligent, pretty and independent. Another “attribute” we share, we are all singles. No boyfriends, no husbands, no children. We had interesting conversation and ideas. We are not odd. Nothing is wrong with us. WOO! We can blame the men we met in our lives or the (lack) of the chance-meeting. Yes, we know (who) we want but most of all, we can do what we like. We don’t need the society incl. our friends and family to determine what is right/good for us or how our lives should turn out. We don’t need that kind of life “others have” if that doesn’t make us happy(ier).

Instead I aspire to be Dr. Kawakami:

“Things that should belong to everyone are patented and turned into private property…the world of patents is dirty, full of greed and competition.” In addition, he waives the speaker fees any time he gives a talk and donates any money he makes from books and articles to his favorite causes.

There is a cause, a purpose to be discovered in our lives and it doesn’t have to be Susie’s!



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