Gold inside

We are all heros and we are gold inside. That’s what this video said.

Here are a few “take away” from the video:

You need to go into the dark to come out into the light.

Push yourself because your life is the fruit of your own doing.

Most people live in a kind of a hynopsis. If there is no death, there is no life, there will be no transformation. If you want new insights in life, you will learn to keep dying.

Our life is not what happens to us but whatt we do with it so go and explore for yourself and follow your bliss – not being selfish and heinous. Go back and find out what made you different when you were younger, the thing that made you “lost in your own world”

Find a place where there is joy

and the joy will burn out the pain

Joseph Campbell

Do the things that scare you, stop fighting yourself but love yourself and face your fears and overcome them.




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