Sweet by and by

This is one of the songs my dad and I used to “jam” at home. On Sundays. He on the electric organ and me on the acoustin piano. Deafened the hell of out my brothers (my mum is “deaf”) and our neighbours 😄

A song that is played frequently at funerals, a belief that we will meet again, a promise we were given.

Many atheists and (scientist) friends laugh and scoff at religion claiming it is for stupid people who cannot think for themselves but contrary to that, believing is very powerful even if it’s not religious – many psychologists and scientists also prove the power of the mind(set).

Believe that this week is going to be great, it will be great – maybe it’s because you will find way(s) to make it great?? But believe in the bad, it will be bad.
Ideologists have existed since mankind. Ideologists of kings and kings. They killed and took from people. It is nothing worse than the lone gunman who shot at innocent (teenagers). He believed in something we won’t get to know because he was too cowardly and killed himself. Maybe people like him think that we will support them more but you know what? It achieved the reverse effect. I cling back to my religion and God more. My Sanctuary

As for my dad, I only knew too late that although he spoke only a few sentences with me a year – usually reprimanding – we actually “spoke” through music together which my brothers did not get to do with him.

We also believe that we are on borrowed time. Our time here is pre-determined. When our time ran out, it’s time to go.

Of course we all have our own beliefs. The question is, what you believe in, is it right or does it harm others? Where is your sanctuary?



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