Drive a Ferrari

2 days ago, I met a guy who seems interesting until he said, he can’t stand a Ferrari. He hates the sound a Ferrari makes. “Annoying” was how he described it and I was like, “Dude, you are off my (dating) list now”. I’ve never thought about the sound of cars until my ex – a fanatic car enthuse – pointed out that “sound” = power, roaring engine power. That’s what (race) cars are made for. Power.

Another Ferrari “hater” is Robin Sharma. He wrote the book “The Monk who sold his Ferrari”. Well, no, the book isn’t about a dysfunctional Ferrari but about “fulfilling your dreams and reaching your destiny”. You know, a car (coach) takes you from point A to point B. Coaching also brings you from one point to the other.

The point I’m driving at are:

  • Isn’t it funny how we interpret things in our life?
  • And things or people along the way (help) shape our thinking about things?

I subscribed to Robin’s emails and in the last email, he wrote

I was up at 4:30 am today. Just this rush of energy pulsing through me… Birds sing. Flowers bloom in our back garden. Lush trees rise up high, in natural tribute to the awakening skies above.

No, I’m not a morning person but “Birds sing, flowers bloom” caught my attention. I mentally planted a beautiful picture in my head upon reading those words. I should have read his email 2 days ago because it was the Kocherball at 6 a.m. again which I told myself every year to go for the sake of photography but I missed it again.

Chasing Daylight.

Again, no, it’s not me but Robin recommended this book in the same email, a book by a former CEO of KPMG who was told that he has 90 days to live.

Last Friday – 15th July – was one of the worst days in history in my opinion. My day started with the news in the morning about a 31 year old Tunesian who drove a truck into the hundreds gathered to watch the French Bastille (Independence) Day fireworks on Thursday night, the night before, in Nice. I am a sucker of fireworks. Why would anyone be so insane to rob people of the joy and entertainment of a celebration and watching fireworks?!

And just before bed the same day, all news channels were showing a military coup in Istanbul against the democratically-elected president Erdoğan. The reporters appeared confused, not sure what is going on and why it is happening. That was unsettling for me. My only thought was “Is this the end of times? Is war coming?”

I should, however, have asked myself

What would I do if I know that my days are numbered?

Back to the book Chasing Daylight.

The author made his last 3 months his best 3 months of his life. Created his Perfect Moments. Robin suggested that Perfect Moments can be having “long hours of family dinners over a sunset to a trip to Florence to witness Michelangelo’s David before sharing the city’s best pizza in an off-the-path trattoria… forest walks or movie nights, epic conversations under star-filled skies or adventures to places you’ve always dreamed to be.”

What would yours be?

Happiness doesn’t just show up. Happiness needs to be manufactured.

Robin Sharma



Guest on earth


We are all guests on this earth. No one knew when we were coming here and definitely no one knows when we are leaving.

This morning, my colleague told me that her husband passed away a day ago. He was only 63 years old. She is barely 50.

It wasn’t a sudden death as such. He has been in “semi” coma for about 6 months now. He never really woke up from his operation.


I’m not sure what it was but years ago when I had an atroscopy on my knee, it was the first time in my life where I had to sign a waiver form to receive a general anesthesia (GA) before the atroscopy. The anesthesiologist wanted to waive off her liability should something happen to me like not waking up?!

Lethal. I remember having that fear.

A few years later, true enough, my late brother never woke up from a series of operations. I suspect it was the GA that killed him ultimately.

Same with my colleague’s husband. He was healthy but went through a series of back/spinal problem, wrist, hip i.e. he went from one operation to another. And he never woken up again.

While medicine prolong our lives, does it shorten our lives too by a “prick” of an injection?

At the end of the day, we are only guests on this earth. We should live well and live without regrets.



Do what you like

I was OK until I saw the toilet roll hat on TV and nearly spilled the soup I was having. Who would have even thought of such an absurd idea?!

Chindougu 珍道具ちんどうぐ is made up of two words. Chin ちん means “curious” or “strange.” Dougu 道具どうぐ means “tool” or “device.”

Dr. Kenji Kawakami is the father of such “unuseless” inventions.  “He believed it was a new art form and everyone should be allowed to participate.”

One of his inventions I was amused with was the bodysuit mop for babies who are learning to crawl. That is exactly what my mother always said whenever she sees one of my cousins’ babies crawling that they (the babies) should use their time more efficiently. She would have been pleased if the suit was available when we were babies. Too bad for her.

Last night I met at least 3 other women my age who are successful, intelligent, pretty and independent. Another “attribute” we share, we are all singles. No boyfriends, no husbands, no children. We had interesting conversation and ideas. We are not odd. Nothing is wrong with us. WOO! We can blame the men we met in our lives or the (lack) of the chance-meeting. Yes, we know (who) we want but most of all, we can do what we like. We don’t need the society incl. our friends and family to determine what is right/good for us or how our lives should turn out. We don’t need that kind of life “others have” if that doesn’t make us happy(ier).

Instead I aspire to be Dr. Kawakami:

“Things that should belong to everyone are patented and turned into private property…the world of patents is dirty, full of greed and competition.” In addition, he waives the speaker fees any time he gives a talk and donates any money he makes from books and articles to his favorite causes.

There is a cause, a purpose to be discovered in our lives and it doesn’t have to be Susie’s!


Truck and Me

When you live in a place where everything works, where (law and) order are highly respected, do you carry yourself in an auto-pilot mode or would you still look around before you cross the road?

A few years ago while I was on my bicycle to work, the lights had turned green which is a signal for me to proceed to cross the street, right? I was on a designated bicycle lane too. As I pedaled off, something made me turn and look behind. A driver wasn’t paying attention and had turned right. Luckily I was able to brake in time to avoid a collision. I re-told this incident to my friends and a radical one said it’s my fault, I should look. How many people look behind when it is green for them to cross? I couldn’t get it out of my head that she put the fault on me. At the same time I never fail to look whenever I am going to pass a garage-exit, a small road, a green light i.e. even though I have the right of way so to speak.

This morning, something similar happened again.

I was on the bicycle path. A dumptruck made me look like this picture:

or this

The truck was coming out of a construction site. The driver had looked to his right. Luckily I stopped (on his left) to see if he was going to look at me. Technically if I have the right of way, I didn’t have to do this but hey, I was the David, right?!

He didn’t look to his left (at me) and I remember feeling disappointed. Why did I feel disappointed? I don’t know. I just stood there and rang the bell. He realised too late because when I did, he was already moving off. I could have been crushed like a cockroach if I hadn’t taken care to stop for him to notice me.

Such is life huh?! You can never get enough attention.



Screw you!

Do you know that the origin of “screw you!” was used in the prison where the prisoners are shackled or chained and to un-chain, you need the screw so in a way screw = stuck?! Admittedly I only looked this word up because of this TED video by Mel Robbins. I believe Prudes won’t even check out the video because of the title. I love it!

I have also fallen in love with Mel Robbins. Her talk specifically. If you want to start living, you have to stop staying stuck in the situation you do not want to be in. Simple but not easy.

While chasing after rabbits, don’t forget yourself.


For Posterity

Layers unfolding

It was all over the news last night and this morning. Someone picking mushrooms in the forest came across a bone that could be that of the 9 year girl Peggy K who went missing 15 years ago.

I don’t have a child(ren) of my own. I won’t ever know how it’d feel when your child failed to come home. Years ago, as a child myself, a couple of boys went missing. Never found. Rumours had it that those boys were used as “beam supports” for the highways our government was building. Superstition. Black magic. Still couldn’t comprehend why anyone would do this to a child(ren), why a child(ren) didn’t come home. Over the years, police came up with sketches to show, if the boys are still alive, how they  could look like.

When I was a child myself, I had thoughts of running away and never come home. My mother always said she picked me up from the garbage and she used to hit me (not abuse but I got hit for not doing well at school or just because I didn’t help her do household chores or something). I also watched a lot of TVs where e.g. a grown up woman only found out that her own mother gave her away when she was born and the family she grew up with was never her real parents etc. When my mother constantly saying such things like I’m not her child and being strict with me, I wanted to go and find my “real parents”. I told my neighbour children whom I play with. I can’t remember how often I said that but it must be often enough that my neighbours told her mother and her mother told my mother. Well, the good thing was, my mother stopped saying those things to me.

There was another time when I wanted to go away. My grades were OK but I struggled with Science. The modern day parent would have sat me down and go through the books with me but all my mother did was said that she will not sign my test papers the next time I get a bad grade. As a 10 year old child, I didn’t know what to do. I could only study that much on my own. Our school teachers weren’t the nurturing sort. You just go to school, keep your eyes and ears open, scribble as fast as you can while they talk and regurgitate what the teachers said back at tests. Children these days do not know what my generation had endured.

Anyway, my grades didn’t improve at the next test. All I could think of is my mother is going to bash me up and I didn’t want to go home. Imagine if I hadn’t, would I still be around today?

Fast forward back to now, when I heard the news today, my mind was filled with all sorts of questions. Who did it? Why? But I also have a question for her mother: How does she feel now that she “found” her daughter? Over the years, it must have been a torture not knowing if your child is still dead, or she could still be alive. The hope. The expectation. Now if the bone belongs to Peggy, will there be closure?



Misanthrope maybe?

Georgia O’Keefe

‘God told me if I painted it enough, I could have it’

I have to say, I don’t know who Georgia O’Keefe is until I read this article from Telegraph UK. Sound a bit like me. The recluse part. “I do not wish to try to live among many people – they tire me more than anything,” but it can also be falsely conjured as a misanthrope. I do like people and their company. It just have to be the right one. With people who share the same views, a conversationalist, non-judgemental, interesting debates, not selfish and absorbed in his/her self, non-competitive (i.e. always wanting to be better than another person). Is this a tall order? How many people are made similar? Although I do not wish to be like “everyone else”, I do not want to be sticking out too. Outstanding isn’t equal to standing out.