Why yellow?

Well, my name is Lillian and if you combine some of the letters with my surname you’ll get yellow (except for w). My best friend Javier, being Spanish, likes to pronounce yellow as “jello” because that’s the way Spanish pronounce the “y” I guess. No matter, I love the colour, so bright like the sun so why not?!

If you watch Tour de France, the winner gets a yellow jersey;

If you watch some Asian (political) election, the winning party wears yellow;

If you want to brighten up your room, paint it yellow;

If you want to be the limelight, the spotlight in a dark room, yellow it is!


My blog is about leading a bright(er) life, change our mindset and get the (better) life we want to live in.

Very often we worry about things we do not have control over, or we think we have no control over; we are unhappy and dissatisfied or even bored; we analyse(d) too much; we are hurt by other people’s opinion.

We forgot to live for ourselves.

We forgot that when we turned 18, we have to parent ourselves. We have to tie our own shoe laces. We have to decide to be happy or be miserable.

We forgot to take action.

We want to change our lives but we never do. We are held back by (financial) obligations, fear but also helplessness.

The key is,

Stop worrying. Start planning. Draw up the (small) step you want to take to get you from what you do not want to what you want to be.

If Muhammad Ali can decide at a young age to be who he want to be, if he can fight for his beliefs, if he can build bridges between people (not walls), if he can look for love and commonalities (not differences) in people, if he can study what makes people tick and not submit himself to be a victim, what more can we do for ourselves?!

A few years ago when I attended a course on Coaching, I couldn’t stop crying because I had to share with my class what the Purpose of my Life is. What is the purpose of my life?! What an absurd question! I felt like a failure. I didn’t like the work I was working in, I still have mortgage to pay, I am no super star and I am nobody.

I google-d, asked people and I found out that even when someone is rich and famous, they still do not know what the purpose of their lives is!

I realised, we analysed too much about Life. We should just enjoy our time here and be a part of it, that means to contribute (back). Like what Muhammad Ali decided how he wanted to make the earth a better place.

That question “What is the purpose of my life” was my “aha” moment.

As I went into Coaching people from different aspect of life, I found joy in helping people find their “aha” moment. It involved breaking down mental blocks, taking unconventional route/method and learning to eat an elephant. While they get their “aha” moment, I am filled with a sense of satisfaction and Happiness with a capital-H.

We can all find that purpose of life and if we reflect what role we want to play in this world, we can find a goal we want to achieve.

This world needs not just one champion but many so that we can all make the world a better place.

I’m sharing my story and experience and hope you can be inspired to create your own too. We all have the strength to not give up.

So let’s mark our goals YELLOW!


Why xyz?

The next generation of the internet – XYZ. When we mean anything, we say “xyz”.

We end the alphabet with XYZ – we end a domain name the same way. ~https://www.name.com/domains/xyz



1st June is my 1st January. It represents the start of something new like so, welcome, let’s take a small bite everyday (and that’s how you can eat an elephant i.e. break any obstacles down into bite sizes).



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